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Album Review Gone South

“3 Pairs Of Boots. with “Gone South,” have crafted a set of two-steppin’, high-steppin, and side-steppin’ tunes that prove California is a major player in the Americana game.”


Bsides and Badlands premieres Gone South (album)

“In total, Gone South is drenched in the holy spirit of classic country. It’s 12 songs of astonishing songcraft: relentless yet astonishingly fragile, bold yet familiar, light yet massive.”

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Americana UK premieres “It Ain’t Easy”

“3 Pairs of Boots make a fine twanging country sound on ‘It Ain’t Easy’…”

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Americana Highways premieres “Wash Away the Blues”

“With anthemic rhythm and southern vocals Gone South is a glorious stunner. ‘Wash Away the Blues’ takes place in the laundromat of life...”

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The Bluegrass Situation premieres “Gone South”

“The overall idea of the song comes from how so many people feel about work and life in general. They work so hard, give it their all, trying to get ahead…”